the end...

Well I've decided to close out this blog.
I've started another one and I hope you will join me there!!

It's still in the making so hang with me here and enjoy my first few posts.


happy birthday ashlea!!

Today is not only grandma's birthday, but Ashlea's birthday too!!!

Ashlea is a very precious girl to me. Well she's not really a girl.. she's 19 and about to be a mom.
Anyway... I've gotten to watch her grow from a young teen into a lovely young woman. What a wonderful mommy she will be to baby girl, Audra.
We just had her baby shower this last weekend and she did so well.

Happy Birthday, Ash!!! I love you and pray sweet blessings on you on your special day.

happy birthday grandma!!

Today is my amazing grandma's birthday. I love her so so much and she means more to me than she could ever know. She had a great hand in raising me... she didn't do half bad if I say so myself. ;)

I love you Grandma E and I hope you have an amazing day full of many blessings!!!


This is a picture of grandma and all her girls at my wedding shower. What a fun day that was!!!